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A ballet in Mayurbhanj Chhau



The character of ‘Karna’ as delineated by Vyas provides the most penetrating study of relations between men and his destiny, nature and nurture deemed and redeemed. Towards no other persona of the epic of Mahabharata do circumstances remain consistently so hostile. Karna’s life and times are frozen in their entirety and his fortunes into perpetual predicament. When Karna fails we relish in our minds with sympathy the acts of greatness by this noble personality and remember how Providence was consistently unkind towards this righteous hero. Karna realized values by winning for his circumstance — a place in the overall scheme of things. He sensed these to be an unfolding transcendental scenario ;the fruits of which demanded the sacrifice of his life, a demand that he accepted with euphoric elation of spirit .

This ballet is dedicated to all the Karnas — natural and unnatural — who are denied the rightful place in the social milieu seen in its correct perspective.

Karna’s life has been so repetitively, even though fortuitously unfair that it immediately elicits sympathy. His life in the epic is resplendent with magnificent unparalleled colors as also his own acts.
Late RamdhariDinkar in his great touching poetry, Rashmi Rathi, has given a contemporary and social relevance to his writing on Karna.
He has said that in times to come it will be the qualities of human beings like Karna which will make for him a place in society — not his caste, creed or right of inheritance.

During his life-time Karna upheld certain ideals for which he fought till his very end. These ideals include friendship, charity to the point of giving away his own victory to Arjun and following a path of righteousness and Dharma. In fact it is Karna who follows almost precisely the immortal message of the Gita i.e. to do what is right and to leave the result in the hands of God.

 “Following a path of righteousness like a Brahmin being kind and giving charity even to his enemies and foes and for being a good friend — for all these qualities Karna is to be revered.”

Lord Krishna himself says that even in death the victory has been Karna’s.

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