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Director’s Note

Krishna’s fascinating personality, which may be called the original Mahabharata has been later overlaid with legends, myths, miracles and adoration for about three thousand years.  Wise and valorous, he was loving and loved, farseeing and yet living for the moment, gifted with sage-like detachment and yet intensely human, the diplomat, the sage and the man of action with personality as luminous as that of a Divine.

The legends of the first half present a folk-hero who was surpassingly awesome and gallant in meeting the crisis confronted by a pastoral community like threats from the animals of the forest to the herds and the herdsmen and who was therefore looked up to as a leader in his life-time and worshipped subsequently as God.

However, in the Mahabharata, it is the message of ‘Gita' which is pivotal. Vyas, the author, here makes profundity of Krishna the charioteer and Arjun the rider; subtly allegorizing the same for the mind and body.  When Krishna asks Arjun to evaluate all he has said, we yet again perceive them as prime metaphors of the intellect and action; where they rise above history and create history themselves.

In Mahabharata, why man isolates himself and sets himself against his brethren has to be grasped in the expanse of esoterism. Violence is deeply embedded in the plot; yet it is the manner of securing harmony in bloodless ways that is significant.  The solutions to the carnage are offered on the same battlefield.  The Kurukshetra war continues through epochs to our very own times and the message of victory and redemption is more pertinent today than ever before.

August 2018
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