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Director’s Note

Ramayan is the greatest living tradition of our times: imparting universal and timeless values.

The story of Ram has been handed down to us as ‘the conquest of good over evil’. Ram’s life consists of a multitude of episodes where his divinity and compassion come forth. It is time to lift the subtle but impregnable veil that lies between the divine and us, thereby making our own lives more meaningful.
The creative team consists of persons with a passionate determination to enlighten through this production, the values of Ram. In the realm of the spoken word, a script was specially commissioned and executed by Neelabh and Arvind Kumar; Shanti Sharma and Biswajit Roy Chowdhury as music directors met  the challenges thrown up. Shashidharan Nair has emerged from the existing choreographic format. Badal and Sudha Jagannathan have gone beyond the format of ‘calendar art’ to sophistication. The especially commissioned script has conceptualized each event of Ram’s life in a way that the spectator may imbibe some of these values into their very own lives.


The slide projection in English, as a special feature, to make the show more ‘user friendly’.


The costumes and sets have been designed keeping in mind the contemporary relevance of this evergreen production. An attempt has been made to deviate from ‘Calendar’ type of sets — frequently visible in the electronic media — to stylized iconography.
The life of Ram is a medley of allegories which provide the foundation of a metaphysical way of life. Whether it is Ram’s obedience of his father, his unflinching denial in the face of adversity, the mirage of the golden deer, his ability to transcend barriers of caste and creed by accepting Shabri’s fruits or Hanuman’s determination to make a gigantic focused leap; these are all emblematic of the way of life which form a part of the viewers subconscious. It is the Kendra’s attempt through this production to excavate the layers and realize the inner meaning of the message of Ram.

As a production, ‘Ram’ provides perfect opportunities to bring and knit together talents. Nurturing these has become the main intent and concern of unraveling this myth. Working on ‘Ram — a paragon of exemplary virtues’ has been possessing and exciting, but never exhausting, for, here freedom came to life and dreams became a reality.

Shobha Deepak Singh
Production Director


21 September to 17 October 2017
    Board Members
Shri Deepak Singh
Director & Vice Chairperson
Shobha Deepak Singh
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