Earlier known as Summer Ballet Festival, this annual event is designed to show case the dance drama and choreographic productions from the repertoire of the Kendra’s repertory company. Every year in the month of May, a selection of five to six productions are presented in the Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi which normally includes a new work, one or two revivals from the repertory’s bag full of old classics and a few from the list of live productions.

The festival helps maintain and develop Kendra’s distinct and unique style of dance drama, upgrade the existing productions, try and introduce new technologies, train and hone new talents and create new audiences for the tradition.

This annual festival has been regularly held for the last two decades and has been very successful in bringing alive on stage the grandeur of Indian epics, mythology and historical stories. From May 2018, the scope of the event is expanded to include performances by invited dance groups as well. It is now known as the Kendra Dance Festival.