Deepak Kalra



DEEPAK KALRA, is a vocalist of Hindustani Music. He also specializes in different forms of devotional music of India. He has presented solo performances at various places and has recorded songs in regional languages. He has sung for Doordarshan’s serial “Saints of India” and Audio CDs ‘Gurbani’ and ‘Hu – The Zikr’ released by Mystica Music.

He has learnt Hindustani classical music from Pandit Madhup Mudgal. He is Sangeet Visharad (equivalent to B. Music) in Hindustani Classical Music from Akhil Bharitya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai and is a registered Teacher/Examiner at The Mandal.

Deepak has been a member of the renowned Gandharva Choir since the year 2000 and has performed in India & abroad. He has provided vocal support to his guru Pandit Madhup Mudgal and also accompanied Shri Anup Jalota at various prestigious performances.

In 2018, he trained teachers of Navodya Vidyalaya Samiti for their performance in front of President of India on the occasion of Teacher’s day. He also trained different schools in choral music.